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We host a team with a mix of talents, sharing the same dream and having a proven track record of success.

Wilson Bright John

Wilson Bright John
Co-Founder of Slamtrade
Wilson brings with him a great deal of experience and knowledge in Fin-Tech. Having worked in top financial companies, our founder is a crypto enthusiast. His passion for crypto technology added with his dream of making crypto easily accessible to all through decentralized web technology has led him to establish "Slamtrade".

Raja Ilayaperumal

Raja Ilayaperumal
Co-Founder of Slamtrade
Raja brings with him a very good experience and expertise in Software Engineering working across multiple domains. Having worked in top financial companies, our co-founder is a tech geek and an expert in web services and web development. Sharing the same dream of making crypto easily accessible to all, Raja worked towards achieving the dream possible by building innovative decentralized products.

Harini Rajan

Harini Anantha Rajan
Blockchain Researcher & Engineer@ Slamtrade
Harini is our go-to person for everything at Slamtrade. Having worked in HealthTech and FinTech firms, Today, she wears multiple hats at Slamtrade and assists us in the business plan, research and development (especially in the blockchain space), content writing, and community outreach.

Selvanath Athinathan

Selvanath Athinathan
Machine Learning Engineer @ Slamtrade
Selva brings in a great experience in the field of emerging technology. Having worked in top SaaS companies, Selva helps in implementing emerging tech within all our products at Slamtrade. He is our go-to person for all modern and future tech experiments.

Sam Joseph

Sam Joseph
Software Engineer @ Slamtrade
Fresh out of college, our newbie "Sam Joseph" brings with him loads of learning and a great interest towards cryptocurrency & blockchain tech. He has published his paper on IEEE titled "Securing Blockchain-based Electronic Health Record using Multilevel Authentication". With his tech interest and design talents, Sam plays a key role in our product enhancements.

About US

Founded in Feb of 2019, SLAMTRADE Digital Asset Advisory Firm.

Our Vision:"To make Digital Assets accessible to all".

Our Mission: "We help in securing digital assets at ease through worldwide market access.

Our Story:
Two commoners, two engineers who are excited about Blockchain and Digital Asset technology. We believe in trying out new things. As most engineers, we like to build tools, applications, solutions, and businesses that solve problems.

We are thrilled by what Block-chain tech can do and what it can solve. Common problems, in reality. We have delved into areas ranging from Decentralized Web Applications to Decentralized Finance. This led us to become Digital Asset Advisors.

We are joined by an enthusiastic and energetic team whose love for technology and solving problems bind us all together to focus on helping us build products and serve clients to achieve success. And yes, we love to explore the new frontiers of technology when it brings good to society.

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